• 1 Flag Registation
    As a core activity, ship registration receives prime attention of our dedicated team of professionals, to ensure the ship owners/managers have the most beneficial flag for their ships based on their training pattern...
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  • 1 Classifaction
    Marine Surveys & Classification Surveys entails heavy responsibility towards governments and shipping community. The end users rely on surveyors for sound judgement to arrive at an opinion about a ship and its equipment...
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  • 1 Marine insurance
    Having business under the flag of another country can be full of risks. Marine Insurance has come a long way now. Since there are several flags of Convenience with a huge fleet of vessels that come under its maritime jurisdiction, marine insurance is an important service...
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  • 1 Marine Communaction
    This could become a clarion call for ship owners who change the flags for accountability at sea.Every ship needs to be identified for safety purpose. It is one of the main ways of communicating to the port authorities and other vessels on international waters...
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  • 1 Yacht Services
    Since its inception in 2009, IMB has earned the respect of the Turkish and foreign boat industry for its reliability, integrity and quality of service. Our mission is to provide our clients with independent, confidential and unbiased expert services...
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  • 1 Pre-Purchase Survey
    Pre Purchase is a comprehensive inspection when purchasing a new or used vessel. It is a complete inspection of the vessel to ascertain it's condition as to overall operational capability...
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2014-04-29 14:23:12

 Dromon has released its annual PSC inspection results for 2013. The publication also includes the new EU Directive on PSC requirements and can be found in Dromon PSC Publications website.

2014-04-29 14:32:32

MEPC 65 adopted amendments for the implementation schedule of BWMC Standard D-2. When it enters into force a relaxation period will be granted for existing vessels that should be fitted with a treatment plan.

2014-04-29 14:33:30

In continuation of Dromon Circular C13002, this is an updated list of publications to be carried on board ships.

2014-04-29 14:34:31

Each compressed air breathing apparatus is to be fitted with an audible alarm and a visual or other device which will alert the user before the volume of the air in the cylinder has been reduced to no less than 200 litres.

2014-04-29 14:35:42

Dromon BS is expanding towards meeting the needs of a dynamic market.

2014-04-29 14:36:44

Further to the amendments of SOLAS Reg. V/19 adopted through MSC.282(86), the BNWAS shall be fitted on all cargo ships of 150 GT or above but less than 500 GT not later than the first survey on or after July 1, 2014.

2014-04-29 14:37:26

A new SOLAS Regulation III/17-1 requires all cargo ships to have specific plans and procedures for the recovery of persons from the water.